Greenwich Peninsula

The Gentle Art of Salad Making

If salad used to have something of a dull reputation, then these days we’re wising up to the fact that it’s no longer the food of diets and denial, but a base for all kinds of delicious potential.

In this masterclass, taking place on Sunday May 20th as part of this year’s Chelsea Fringe festival, chef Taimur Khan – owner of The Jetty’s recently opened new restaurant Vagabond – will be showing you how to make the best of these most simple of ingredients, passing on tips of the culinary trade on new and unique flavour combinations that will banish any notion of boringness forever.

Using ingredients grown on The Jetty itself – a unique space featuring a series of outdoor polytunnels situated on the Peninsula’s floating garden, this is a chance to indulge in some calming, alfresco cookery. It also follows on from Urban Growth’s free workshop on growing and harvesting salad ingredients the day before: the perfect pairing.

So ditch the supermarket for the day and learn how to make the most of local ingredients, used to their full potential. It’s what a lazy Sunday’s made for.

The class runs from 4pm – 6pm on Sunday May 20th. Tickets are prices at £5.