Greenwich Peninsula

Gong Bath and Sound Meditation with Leo Cosendai

A published author, teacher and speaker, Leo Cosendai is also the founder of the no.1 sound meditation app, THIRD EAR.

At the Turning Tides Festival, Leo brings his unique sound baths and meditation techniques to Greenwich Peninsula. It’s a behaviour-changing experience that helps people find inner peace and relaxation. And it all comes together in his hour-long ‘gong bathing’ sessions.

Influenced by his early years spent between Switzerland and Asia, Leo’s passion is the combination of art, music and therapy. Having trained with the Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux, Leo has also learned Kinesiology and Kundalini.

All of this knowledge has gone into Third Ear – a meditation app focused on the powerful effect of sound on the human mind.

So come along, tune in and take some time out.

On the Jetty 13th July, 12 and 4pm & 14th July, 3pm.

For more information about Turning Tides Festival – a free music, arts, film and wellness festival – please visit here.